Who are we?

Wigan Hearing was established in 2018 by the founder Darren Glancey, he has worked in audiology for may years including working for the leading manufacturers.

Wigan Hearing is a local, family run audiology practice where all the family get involved!

The family consists of Darren, Michelle (the real boss!) and the kids Ethan, Erin and Edward.  We live in Standish and are proud to be part of the community.

Being independent we can be flexible in every part of the business from opening hours, to not having to answer to a big head office that dictates what we can or cant do. 

Most High Street stores are owned by a manufacturer so are limited to what they can sell, as an independent clinic we have full access to all the hearing aids on the market, and very often have access to hearing aids that aren’t available on the High Street!

We have invested heavily in making sure you receive the best outcome, this includes 3D ear scanning, tympanometry and speech testing, something that very few people are able to offer.

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